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Welcome Stratford PS and LS families!



Spring Pictures require a $10 sitting fee (see link above) and registration prior to Tuesday, April 26, 2022.

This sitting fee is non-refundable, but can be applied as a credit towards any purchase of digitals or prints.

We know how difficult it can be to schedule casual photo sessions on the weekends or during the summer.  Many photographers try to justify expensive session fees by only offering 30-60 minute sessions.  Anyone with a 3-10 year old knows how difficult it is to hold the attention of a child for that long, not to mention the time spent getting ready and driving to a location.  Then, after the session, in-person sales techniques are often utilized as a way to drive up the cost of prints or digitals.  Oftentimes, convenient online proofing is not even offered.  This can be frustrating as additional time needs to be scheduled in order make decisions about what to buy.  

Rather than having packages of assorted prints in different sizes (many of which you may not need), we are offering individual prints in common sizes.  Full-resolution digital images will also be available for purchase if you'd like to print your own images at home or locally.  We feel this allows much more flexibility and eliminates unnecessary print sizes you may not need for your frames or gifts.  Other products such as canvases, posters, mugs, etc. can also be ordered as well.

Our basic print fees are (per pose):

$5.00 (4x6)

$8.00 (5x7) [special option of two 5x7's for $10.00]

$15.00 (8x10)

Additional products (canvases, posters, mugs, etc.) will also be available.

You will be provided a special unique password (in your child's signed papers) which will allow you access your child's photos.  We anticipate providing 2-3 poses per child.  Online proofing via your private gallery will be available the week of May 9 (or earlier if possible).  All orders are completed online, and shipped directly to your home.

Here are some examples from last year's spring photo shoot:


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