Dance Dynamics 2022 Recital

Video & Photo Ordering


Hanley Visual will be providing professional videography services for the Dance Dynamics 2022 Recital.  



The Dance Dynamics 2022 Recital will be recorded and provided on DVD.  Traditional DVD format and quality is being phased out, so the recital will be offered in HD (1080p) delivered on a USB stick for an additional cost. 

Because digital videos are easily copied and distributed, the video on each USB drive will be digitally watermarked to identify the specific copy that was sold to specific customers should copies of the production surface online or elsewhere.  



   Package A.   Full Production delivered on DVD - $40

   Package B.   Full Production delivered on USB stick (1080p HD) - $65 


* Additional DVD copies can be added to either package above for $20/DVD (up to 2 DVD's can be purchased with each order).



You are welcome to share your DVDs and USB sticks within your family, however, copying of DVDs or USB sticks is prohibited.  USB stick copies will be digitally watermarked for identification should they surface online or elsewhere.  


The recital will be shot in Ultra High Definition (8K) which will allow us to provide 'custom' videos that focus on and follow specific dancers throughout their performance in standard HD (1080p) while still retaining significant detail and clarity.  Each of these custom videos depends on a variety of factors, so all prices are TBD.  Because the quality of each scene could vary, we will be posting some samples from each scene to show what to expect from the custom videos the week after the show.  There's no need to sign up or commit to buying a custom video prior to the show, just be on the lookout for the samples the week of 6/6 and follow the additional instructions that will be posted on this page.


Will Hanley

[email protected]